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Friday, 28 June 2013

Palm Desert Blepharoplasty –Ensures Young Look for Longevity

Age is a factor that causes changes in appearance of the human body. To restore original form and look special medical branch of cosmetic surgery has emerged. The advanced surgical methods using latest technology are the new trend to cure several health problems. Due to several factors, people look more aged and tired than they actually are. Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery that is operated to correct defect, deformity and disfiguration of the eyelids. At palm desert blepharoplasty, the surgical procedure which correct droopy or puffy looks due to excess fat in the skin. This causes patients to look much older and tired.

Expert professionals carry out such surgical procedures by making small incisions on the upper lid. After an incision is made, Excess fat is removed and the incisions are closed with fine sutures. At palm desert blepharoplasty surgery ensures that patient should not feel slightest pain and use of anesthesia keeps the patient in the relaxed state because they are insensitive to pain. The advantage of these surgeries is that within time duration of one or two days patients resume to their daily activities. After this surgery, many patients claim to have positive results and feeling as they now look more youthful and results of such surgeries are often permanent.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hair Transplant Orange County

One of the benefits of living in a relatively well-off area is that many people are able to afford cosmetic procedures. The hair transplantation Orange County based industry is full of experienced surgeons who have had time and plenty of patients to perfect their craft. Like those across the country and around the world, Orange County hair transplants come in several basic forms.

The basic premise behind a hair transplant Orange County surgery involves taking hair from a place that grows well and moving it to cover areas that are no longer growing hair. The most common donor site for hair transplantation Orange County is the back of the head. The donor tissue is harvested as one strip of follicle-rich hair in almost all cases. What is done next determines the price and difficulty of the hair transplant Orange County.

The harvested skin can be placed in large chunks, in smaller pieces, or as individual follicles, on the targeted area. An individual follicle usually grows between one and four hairs. The surgeon matches up the direction of hair growth so that the resulting coverage appears as natural as possible. For covering the crown of the head or any area not on the hairline, the cheaper options involving strips of hair-bearing skin can look very natural.

Placing individual follicles requires microsurgery, which requires specialized training and tools. Not only does the surgeon require specialized training in order to choose and place the follicles, but an entire team of specially-trained technicians are required, too. Their job is to cut the piece of hair-bearing skin that is being transplanted into individual follicles for the surgeon to implant.

Microsurgery is extremely time consuming, commonly taking eight hours or more. However, no other technique comes close to microsurgery when it comes to appearing natural. Microsurgery is often chosen for transplants on or near the hairline, since this is the area where it is hardest for the grafts to appear natural.

Orange County hair transplants can be good options for people who are self-conscious about their coverage up top. It can be a good choice for all kinds of hair loss, with a few caveats. It is important that men considering a hair transplant Orange County realize male pattern baldness is progressive. This means that a transplant will need to be accompanied by some form of drug therapy in order to prevent the progression of baldness.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why You Should Choose Contour Dermatology Palm Springs Dermatology and cosmetic surgery palm springs

There are hundreds of dermatologists in Palm Springs, but all of them are not created equally.  When looking for a dermatologist there are a few things which you should make sure of before deciding on a dermatologist.

Experience – When looking for a dermatologist, it is very important to look for one that has years of experience.  You do not want to be a guinea pig for your dermatologist.  You want to see a dermatologist that has plenty of experience.  Dr. Timothy Jochen founded Contour Dermatology Palm Springs in 2001 and has years of experience in all of the latest dermatology technologies.

Embraces Technology – Many dermatologists are set in their ways and are not willing to utilize all of the latest dermatology advancements.  If you are seeing a dermatologist that is not willing to use the latest technologies, then it is likely time to go to another doctor.  Dermatology is a constantly changing industry and it is very important to always stay ahead of the constantly changing technologies.  New technologies in facial rejuvenation, cosmetic laser technology and hair transplants allow for much better results than ever achieved with old methods.

Warm Personality – While some may not think that personality does not matter in the dermatology world, they are sorely mistaken.  You do not want a doctor that is unfriendly and does not seem to care about his or her patients.  You want a doctor that is heavily invested in their patients’ lives.  Patients want to see doctors that they can relate to, and if this is not the case, patients will often go elsewhere when it comes to a dermatologist.

If you are interested in dermatology and cosmetic surgery Palm Springs, you should give the professionals at Contour Dermatology a call today.  They have years of experience in all of the latest dermatology procedures and would love to sit down with you for a no obligation consultation.  Give Contour Dermatology Palm Springs a call today at 760-416-6971.

With four locations to serve you in Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and our new state-of-the-art clinic located in Rancho Mirage, Contour Dermatology is conveniently located to serve all of Southern California.  We invite you to experience the world-class care at Contour Dermatology. Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation today.  We look forward to serving you.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

IPL Photorejuvenation Palm Springs

IPL Photorejuvenation Palm Springs
Dermatology Palm Springs offers services to treat all forms of facial concerns such as wrinkles, sun spots, acne scarring and blemishes. They offer many treatments including iplphotorejuvenation. Through IPL photorejuvenation Palm Springs residents have a whole new world of beauty care at their disposal.

Aging can be a difficult part of life for people. The body over times loses some of its stamina, resiliency and youthful appearance. For many people this can be a difficult time of adjustment and change.

The good news is that aging does not have to be the loss of a youthful appearance. While a certain amount of aging is predictable and irreversible, much of the appearance of aging can be mitigated and even reversed with certain beauty procedures. While there are a host of procedures that can be done to accomplish this, many of them have negative side effects and are quite invasive.

However, there is a procedure that is less invasive and really quite affective for the reduction of wrinkles, the removal of sun spots, aging spots and other cosmetic problems. This procedure is called IPL photorejuvenation. The process involves the lasering off of older cells to spur new more elasticized and revitalized cells to grow in its place. The procedure is quite successful at bringing back a youthful appearance and revitalized look.

For people who are looking for iplphotorejuvenation Palm Springs offers some of the best results for this procedure. Unlike chemical peels, facelifts and other procedures, they can be quite abrasive and cause the skin wounding that takes time to heal. With iplphotorejuvenation Palm Springs residents can the best of all worlds, younger looking skin in a somewhat natural way with little adverse side effects.

With harsh chemical peels, the skin can be quite reddened and irritated for quite a while after the procedure. This leaves patients not wanting to go out in public for a while. But with Palm Springs iplphotorejuvenation, patients have little or no down time at all. In fact, Palm Springs iplphotorejuvenation is one of the most natural ways to induce new skin cell growth that is vibrant and more youthful. This procedure is so successful it is also used to treat and remove other facial skin ailments such as acne scarring and blemishes. With iplphotorejuvenation Palm Springs residents can feel good about this more natural form of treating and reversing the signs of aging. This newer procedure has advanced the way people treat the signs of aging and how they treat skin blemishes.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Palm Springs Best Hair Transplant Doctors

Finding Palm Springs best hair transplant doctors is easy if you check online for doctors in Palm Springs best hair transplant in town. Premature baldness can have a serious psychological impact on your life, depriving you of feeling youthful and making you feel as if you don't measure up to peers whose manly locks you might envy especially if going bald. Baldness can be corrected. There is a treatment for baldness that can be had at Palm Springs best hair transplant doctors whose offices will care for you with sensitivity and successful remedy to baldness.

The practice of hair transplants is not a cream or a massage to grow hair or a promise of awakening dead hair follicles, rather Palm Springs best hair transplant in Palm Springs do transplants of hair follicles from one part of your body to another part, your head. Your head can be planted with hair follicles taken from other parts of your body. Those hair follicles can, literally, grow on your head. You will soon have your own hair growing on your head and your once embarrassing baldness can be a thing of the past. You can feel assured that your own hair growing on your head will not likely blow off like a wig but could be blown by the wind or caressed by your partner without any possible embarrassment on your part that could easily happen if you were wearing a toupee.

Getting hair transplant treatment is a permanent solution to your balding condition. Of course, there are hereditary reasons to explain your baldness. But, those reasons will not remedy your problem which is a bald pate that some men and some women find very embarrassing. Of course, there are solutions offered by cosmetic companies of creams and lotions. The fact is that you can wait for years spending a fortune on creams and lotions and not grow hair when baldness sets in.

You can buy wigs whether male or female and put yourself at risk of being discovered especially if your toupee is not securely attached to your head. There is no reason to put yourself at further risk of more embarrassing conditions when you can get hair transplant treatments that are safe and permanent. A licensed hair transplant doctor can evaluate your condition, explain the procedure to you and begin your hair transplant treatment that will soon have you smiling and walking about without a hat or a scarf, happily.